Gen AI for everyone

At Wawo.ai, I conceived and developed the core concept, meticulously crafted the MVP, and personally oversaw the evolution of its brand identity.

Harnessing the advanced capabilities of Large Language Models, I tailored the set of tools for the unique needs of the Latin American community. My creation stands as a pioneering Large Language Model project in the region. I ensured the platform was user-friendly, culturally resonant, and equipped to serve a multitude of purposes, from addressing general inquiries to facilitating education and legal consultations. Try it out here

I also leverage a text-to-image model to create an AI logo Maker. Give it a test drive here

I then spearheaded its launch to the market with a strategic approach. For me, Wawo.ai isn’t just a technological feat; it embodies my commitment to digital empowerment, inclusivity, and bridging the digital divide, aiming to uplift user well-being.



Our Role

Creative Direction · Product Management


August 16, 2023