Spirit Overflow

Blending e-sports & traditional cycling

Spirit Overflow’s unique system connects to bike trainers, transforming real-time cycling data (power, cadence, speed, time) into intuitive game controllers for an immersive e-sports experience. As part of the SuperHuman Sport Society, Spirit Overflow is recognized as a pioneering product.

The game also incorporates smartphone gyroscopes for in-game character steering. This cutting-edge integration is an industry first, offering an additional layer of agency and engagement that heightens the user experience.

Spirit Overflow offers a competitive, real time,  immersive gaming solution to motivate people to move more. For e-sports enthusiasts, it introduces a physical aspect to gaming, adding a new dimension to the digital realm. Casual users gain a fresh, engaging approach to fitness, with the opportunity to compete and have fun while exercising.



Spirit Overflow


Our Role

Creative Direction · Product Management


July 6, 2023