About me


I love chess, A.I, art, creating, advertising, teaching, learning, my family and friends, cars, feta cheese, museums, notepads, ajiaco, concerts, the MARTA brand, exciting questions, the feeling of a new idea, reading science papers, sci-fi movies, to party, to play video games, to exercise, cycling, traveling, Carl Sagan, sports, road trips, and chocolate, in no particular order.

I have lived and worked in various parts of the world, including Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Brighton, Bogota, and Tokyo, where I completed my Master’s in Media Design and co-founded an immersive exergame online E-sport project. I founded a design agency that has worked with prestigious clients like Netflix, Jack Daniel’s, and Discovery Channel. I have completed over 500 design-driven projects. I aim to explore the intersection of creativity, technology, and strategy.

Building things with technology comes very naturally. I see something that has yet to be invented, and my mind races. I have created small and big systems, from connecting my cellphone to the Mars Rover so that I can get pictures of Mars in realtime to an A.I. Companion for general purposes on WhatsApp, which is now being used by more than 800 daily users and it’s being tested by indigenous communities in LATAM to understand the impact of this technology in remote societies.


One creation close to my heart is Kinix, a product I took from conception to launch, where I went deep into e-sports research to combine it with traditional cycling creating an immersive e-sports that makes you sweat. This taught me a lot, from the psychology of player engagement, the art of narrative construction, and the science of visual aesthetics and its effects on human behavior to creating real-time online systems that handle considerable amounts of data.

But if there is a place where you can see my creativity in action is in my work in solving complex social issues. My work earned me the top honor at the MIT Design Challenge, where +1500 innovators worldwide came together to develop solutions for the Covid-19 Epidemic.

My keynotes have been sought after on international stages, including PechaKucha in Tokyo and Plug and Play in Osaka, where I shared insights on design and technology. Furthermore, my accomplishments have been highlighted in global media, such as Forbes, NHK, and Deutsche Welle, underscoring the significance and reach of my work.