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The Rogue Panda

The fastfood industry is one of the most polluting in the world. The Rogue Panda is fighting this by using its platform to introduce and support sustainable initiatives like compostable packaging, working with local farmers, and using plantbased ingredients

The Rogue Panda is a plant-based American Chinese food restaurant that is the modern counterpart for long-established Chinese food brands like Panda Express. Without affecting the flavor while accelerating the adoption of sustainable food consumption by redefining the plant-based culinary experience.

The brand revolves around Min, a mischievous do-gooder panda. Min embodies everything the brand stands for and helps consumers understand the brand through entertaining visual cues without resorting to constant buzz words in their communications.

The result is a brand that wants to avoid cliche sustainability communication gimmicks, tone of voice, and colors, also known as “greenwashing”; the brand is bright, colorful, and cheerful; their positive impact is just a given. People don’t choose The Rogue Panda because it’s doing what all brands should do. They choose it for their flavorful meals.


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January 7, 2022

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