Positive Series

Project Overview

Positive Series is a unique digital platform designed to combat HIV stigma and promote awareness about HIV, targeting organizations across the United States. The project aimed to humanize the experience of living with HIV and spread the message of Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U), a critical concept in HIV treatment and prevention.

The Challenge

The stigma surrounding HIV and the lack of awareness about U=U often hinder effective communication and advocacy efforts. The challenge was to create a platform that not only educates but also resonates on a personal level, encouraging empathy and understanding.

The Solution

Recognizing that every individual’s journey with HIV is unique, we decided to highlight personal stories of love, struggle, doubt, happiness, and strength. We collaborated with four individuals who candidly shared their experiences of living with HIV and learning about U=U.

To bring these stories to life, we partnered with four artists who created original artwork inspired by each narrative. This approach allowed us to present these personal experiences in a visually compelling and emotionally engaging way.

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Our Role

Creative Direction · Creative management · Product Management


June 19, 2023

Four Main Characters.

Every story was inspired by four amazing humans, who we had the honor to interview and connect with to make sure their stories lived up to their experiences.

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